Book Record

AuthorStanislas de Guaita
TitleLe Serpent de la Genèse: Le Temple de Satan
PublisherLibrairie du Merveilleux

Catalog No.BF1505.G94

NotesIn France, Stanislas de Guaita was one of the most important of the late nineteenth century's small band of writers concerned with the occult. His particular celebrity rested on the fact that he had the most extensive library of books on the occult among that cohort group. At his death, it was catalogued and sold by Dorbon, a bookseller and publisher with extensive credentials in esoteric literature. The catalogue is in the Cornell witchcraft collection, as are a number of Guaita's books themselves. Le Serpent de la Genèse is an occultist manual and one of Stanislas de Guaita's more significant works.

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