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TitleIconismus XVII. Ponatur è regione; Fig. XXVI. Monstrum alatum, et cornutum instar Cacodæmonis; Fig. XXVII. Monstrum cornutum, et alatum cum pede rapacis avis; Fig. XXVIII. Monstrum cornutum et alatum
Mediummetal engraving
BookP. Gasparis Schotti. Physica Curiosa, Sive Mirabilia Naturæ et Artis Libris. Herbapoli (Wurzburg) : J. A. Endeteri & Wolfgangi, 1667. Page 614, Plate 17.
NotesThese monster/freaks borrow from classical mythology (the harpy, hybrid animals) as well as from the era’s taste for the prodigious.
ThemeFreaks Monsters and Prodigies
Subjectsmarvelous, bestiary, monsters, demons

Devils & DemonsDanse MacabreWeird ScienceBestiaryThe MarvelousThe GrotesquePossession & InsanityFantastic SpaceFreaks, Monsters & Prodigies

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