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TitleIconismus IV. Ponatur č regione.; Fig. I. Puella pilosa filia annorum duodecim; Fig. II. Puella pilosa Filia altera annorum octo; Fig. III. Mas cinnamiœ gentis; Fig. IV Fœmina Cinnamiœ gentis
Mediummetal engraving
BookP. Gasparis Schotti. Physica Curiosa, Sive Mirabilia Naturę et Artis Libris. Herbapoli (Wurzburg) : J. A. Endeteri & Wolfgangi, 1667. Page 395, Plate 4.
NotesAs in plate #4, the two figures in the lower half of this plate look very much like werewolves.
ThemeFreaks Monsters and Prodigies
Subjectsprodigy, freaks, marvelous, werewolf

Devils & DemonsDanse MacabreWeird ScienceBestiaryThe MarvelousThe GrotesquePossession & InsanityFantastic SpaceFreaks, Monsters & Prodigies

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